Welcome to Ladies through the Lens, a blog intended to take a long, hard and often humorous look at how films of all genres represent women. The intention is not to judge the quality of a film, or how enjoyable it is, but to think about how it presents its female characters, and its perspective of women in general. Choosing to evaluate films based on their treatment of women is not to insinuate that this is something all filmmakers consider and wish to address in their works. Rather, the aim is to take note of how a film unwittingly presents the opinions society has about women so that we can begin to see and challenge normalised perceptions and stereotypes that go unnoticed.

No one is asking you to abandon trashy action films, ditch the cheesy rom coms, and limit your film intake to those that offer a healthy portrait of women. Film is a form of entertainment as well as an art, so keep enjoying your favourites. However, also take a bit of time to consider what a film is telling you about women.

Many heads are better than one when it comes to detangling and debunking these messages, so join the debate and follow, comment, tweet and share your thoughts. If you have a film suggestion or a need to vent, drop an email to LTTL15@outlook.com.


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